How to disable links in Signatures in Xenforo

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Today we are going to discuss how to disable links in users signatures. It’s quite a simple task but many don’t know how to do it.


So first we are going to log into our Admin Panel and you are going to navigate to Users and then on the left hand side you  will scroll down to the bottom and look for on the left hand side User Group Permissions like so:


Click that and you will see this page:


So now you just have to pick which group your going to edit this for. For this tutorial we are going to use Registered members for this so go ahead and click on the Registered Members group and you will see this page:


So this looks rather overwhelming but it’s easy to navigate so here we are looking for one section it’s called Signature Permissions from there you will see Allow Links in this you will click the grey box which is No. It looks like this:


So after you set it to No scroll to the bottom and click Update Permissions. Once you do this, no user in the Registered group should be able to add a link to their account they should see the following message:


So if you notice here there is no option to add a link into the signature.


There you have it! It’s all done, if you have any questions or concerns please ask below!

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