How to Disable Error Logs in Elgg

One of the developer tools for Elgg Sites admins is the ability to log all errors, warnings  and notices. This is useful if you are testing on your machine, but it can be harmful if you are using it in our servers because if you don’t know how to use it, you could fill the servers with warnings and errors and make a bad use of disk space. . This article will give you a step by step guide on how to disable Error logs in Elgg

1. Sign into your Elgg site as an Administrator

2. Click Administration link

3. On the left menu, click Site Administration

3. Once that page is loaded, scroll down and close to the bottom there is a drop down menu. Click on that, and select Turn Off Debug Mode. This will disable Elgg Error log.

This concludes how to disable Error Logs in Elgg.

Important Notes: Usually, Error log can be disable in the Cpanel (See here), however, Elgg seems to override this. This happened a week ago, in which one user had problems because the error log was taking out huge amounts of disk space, even though this error log was disabled . It turned out that in Elgg’s Site Administration, logging errors/warnings was on and it was causing problems with our servers.

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