How to Determine How Many Users Installed Your Silverlight (out-of-browser) Application

If you have created a Silverlight out-of-browser application, you will want to know how many users have installed it. In this article, I will tell you how I did this in one of my applications.

First, we need somewhere to store number of installed/uninstalled copies. To do this, create a table in the database and update the Entity Framework model. It may look like the image below.

InDateTime – datetime, PK
IsInstantInstalled – bit (1 – instant installed, 0 – instant uninstalled)

Next, create a WCF service for storing data. It might have the following interface:

I will not consider the implementation of the interface, since it is trivial. The Silverlight out-of-browser application provides installed state change event. In this handler we will call the WCF service methods.

In my application, it displays the statistics as shown below.

This concludes how to determine how many users installed your Silverlight application.

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