How to Create Single or Bulk Email Forwarder Addresses via an Importing List

Applied to: cPanel Hosting

This article will guide you through importing email addresses or forwarders in your cPanel account by using the wizard in your cPanel.

This is normally used when you need to create lot of email accounts at once.

Requirement: Ready a Microsoft Excel xls (or csv) file containing all email addresses in proper format as shown in below image. The email addresses should be complete email addresses. The quota is in megabytes (MB).

Step 1. After logging in to your cPanel, click Import Addresses/Forwarders. This link can be found under the Mail Menu Box. You will see a page as showing below:

Step 2. If you want to create email addresses, select E-mail Accounts; otherwise, select Forwarders to create forwarders in your cPanel account. Click browse to provide your xls or csv file from your computer. Click Next.

Step 3. Now you will be asked to confirm each column present in your uploaded xls/CSV file. You can customize the meaning of each column here. Also, if your xls/csv file contains only mailbox ID (not the entire email addresses), you can select a default domain for those mailbox IDs. Click Next to see a complete list of email addresses extract from your xls/csv file. Click Next to start the process.

Once the process starts, you will be guided with the progress bar. After completion, a summary will be shown.

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