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Hello everyone today I am going to teach you how to add what are called Forums in phpbb. These are the same for any forum but phpBB calls them forums not categories. So here I will discuss how to add a basic Forum to well your forum.

First off go ahead and log into your forum and scroll to the bottom and click Admin. Once you are brought into your Admin section, you will click forums:


After you do this you will see the following screen:


So for number 1 this allows you to manage all things within your forum and change and add and delete the categories. Number 2 is where we will go next so type in the box next to number two what you want your forum to be called. For this tutorial I have created Test.


Ok so you have a few options here. A lot of this is very self-explanatory but I will go over this regardless.

First is Forum Types: This drop down menu has a few selections:

The first is Category. This allows you to organize your content within your forum.

The second is Forum this is where you can post things and make topics for people to do so.

Third is Link. This allows you to have a redirect link within your form.

The second option is Parent forum. If you do a parent this will create a sub category. You can leave this as no parent if you don’t plan on using it.

The third option is Copy Permission from.  This allows you to take previous permissions from a different forum but we will cover that in a different post.

The Next is forum name. You put the name there and Description follows that.

Forum image allows you to add an image to your forum category.

Forum password allows you to make this particular forum a password protected Forum.

Forum style

This allows you to change the style of the forum. I usually leave it Default Style.

Next is the General Forum Settings section:


So let us go down this one as well:

Forum status allows you to lock or unlock the forum so people can post or not post.

List subforum in legend. Displays any subforums underneath the name.

List Subforum in parent forum’s legend. Displays it in the overall category

Enable Post Review allows people to view their post while they post a reply in real time.

Enable Quick Reply this allows Quick Reply an example of this is at the bottom of any topic on the Arvixe forum you will see a Quick Reply button.

Search Indexing allows the forum to be indexed for quick searching

Enable topic icons allows icons to be posted for topics

Display Active Topics allows you to see active topics

Topics per page shows how many topics will be displayed per page.

Moving on to Forum Prune Settings:


The first one allows Auto pruning. I always leave this to no

Auto-Prune Frequency is default to 1 I wouldn’t change this.

Auto-Prune Post age is 7 days I would leave this also

Auto-Prune viewed age is also 7 days by default I would recommend leaving this the same

Prune Old polls is set to no leave this as well

Prune Announcements you should also leave this no, so is Prune Stickies

The Final section is Forum Rules


Link to forum rules allows you to put a link to your rules for your forum

Forum Rules allows you to custom make your rules if you don’t have a link to this.

After you do that you click submit and you will get the following screen to let you know if you did it right!


I know this one was long but I hope that it helps out!

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