Create Instant Alias from WebsitePanel for VPS and Dedicated Servers

An Instant alias is a temporary sub-domain in the form of These provide immediate access to the user’s domain from all over the internet. For most of the time, this is not required. But, for one special situation, they are extremely useful.

That occasion is when what is termed as DNS propagation delay happens. The DNS service translates between website domain names or subdomain names, and numerical IP addresses. For ease of use and speed, there are many DNS servers throughout the world. For each site, the information is stored in its specific main DNS server, and the other DNS servers regularly update the records from it.

So whenever a new DNS record is created or an old record updated, there is a certain time delay for it to take effect throughout the internet. This is called the DNS propagation delay and it may take up to 48 hours.

So if you want to access your site during this delay, you are normally stuck. This is where the feature of instant aliases help us. Instant Aliases allow you to access web sites or mailboxes during DNS propagation. You can use it for testing or confirming that your site is live, or whatever purpose you have in mind, without bothersome delays. When DNS propagation is finished and you can access your web site or mailbox using the primary domain you can delete the Instant Alias and operate as normal.

The following are the steps to setup an Instant Alias from your WebsitePanel:

1. Login to WebsitePanel.

2. Click on Configuration -> Virtual Servers.

3. Click on My Server Resources.

4. Click on Instant Alias and enter your main server name.

5. Click on Update button.

6. Click on Configuration -> Servers.

7. Click on My Server.

8. Click on Instant Alias and enter your server name.

9. Click on Update button.

And you’re done!

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