How to Create a Simple Silverlight BusyIndicator Based on Grid

Often in the Silverlight applications is very convenient to lock some content while performing continuous operation. In this article, I will demonstrate how this can be done using all the advantages of Grid.

[silverlight:, 460, 220]

BusyGrid inherits the functionality of Grid. It also includes properties such as:

IsBusy – Gets or sets a value that indicates whether is BusyGrid in busy mode
GlassBrush – Gets or sets a Brush for glass
GlassOpacity – Gets or sets an opacity value of glass

To use BusyGrid control in your application, follow these steps:

1. Declare namespace in xaml file like this:
2. Replace Grid to controls:BusyGrid
3. Set IsBusy property to True to lock content (default value False)
4. Set GlassBrush property (default value Gray)
5. Set GlassOpacity property (default value 0.3)

Source Code

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