How to Connect via SSH with a Linux Terminal


For Linux users wondering how to establish a SSH connection to their server, this article will show you!
Difficulty level: Medium (Easy if you have basic Linux terminal knowledge)

1. Open up a terminal or konsole (name depends on your distro).

2. Make sure OpenSSH is installed on your computer by typing this:

apt-get install ssh
yum install ssh

You may need root password.

3. Let’s say you want to connect with user richi to server, the command would be:

ssh richi@

4. It will ask you to type yes or no to add RSA key fingerprint. Type ‘yes‘.

5. It will now ask for your password, type it and press enter. (When typing password, nothing will appear, but it will be actually typed)

If password is not correct, it will ask you to type it again. If login succeeds, you will be connected to the remote computer.

That is it! That is how you connect via SSH with a Linux Terminal; have fun with it! Any questions, problems, etc, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be more than glad to help you!

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6 Comments on How to Connect via SSH with a Linux Terminal

  1. Bob Furber says:

    Could you explain how I can access my arvixe account using SSH? I have gone as far as to create public and private keys with the SSH feature in CPanel. But, I cannot figure out how to use these keys to connect from my local PC.

  2. Mike Hoffman says:

    Hey Bob! Great question. First you need to request that we enable shell access for your account. I see that you have three hosting accounts with us, so I enabled it for all of them. Now, you can use the public keys, or simply hook up an SSH program with your domain name, login, and password.

    For any other users reading this, the fastest way to gain access is to submit a ticket to since that is checked more frequently than the blog comments 🙂

    Happy hosting!

  3. Sorry, but “simply hook up an SSH program with your domain name, login, and password” is not helpful.

    • Alex says:


      Sorry for the confusion. By that he meant you would open up your preferred SSH client (PuTTY is very popular) and for the login details you would use your domain name as the host/IP, for the username and password you would need to use your regular cPanel login details (If you’re unsure of this, please feel free to reach out to our support department).


  4. Ken says:

    I can access ssh after set up certificates with my cpanel login credentials.

    How do I create a second account that can be used for ssh access? In cpanel, I only see the ability to create an email account- will that work?

    Thanks in advance for your reply / help!

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