How to Connect to FTP with a Web Browser

Applied on: Both Cpanel (Linux) and WebSitePanel (Windows) hosting accounts

There are many ways to connect by FTP to a host. Sometimes we do not have a FTP client software or for any other reason, we may not able to use FTP client software at the time. In this case, the easiest way to connect to FTP is by using Internet Explorer, which has the best FTP support.

You can upload and delete files at your online server using Internet Explorer.

In order to connect by FTP with your browser, use the following address:

For example, let’s assume the following:

FTP User: Naveed

Password: abum45sWW2


The above information would use the following in the Internet Explorer Address bar:


However, if your FTP user used to connect is similar to, then you will have to URL encode it like this:


In the case above, it is important to note what the FTP username is:

This address is URL-encoded and comes from where @ has been substituted with %40, which is the ASCII code for @.

After visiting your website by using the above exampled address, Internet Explorer will open the site content in its window. Then from the “View” menu of Internet Explorer, you may select “Open FTP site in Windows Explorer” to edit, upload or delete the files at your web server.

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