Configure Spambot Settings in phpBB

Hello once again!

Today I will be discussing how to set up Spambot settings in phpBB

I am assuming you know how to log into your Admin panel in phpBB.

From there on the left hand menu we will be clicking on Spambot Countermeasures:


You will then be taken to the Spambot Countermeasure page. I will be discussing each option as follows:


1. Enable Spambot Countermeasures:  By enabling this radio button you are forcing your new members to pass a pre-spam check.

2. Registration Attempts: By setting the value here you can limit the amount of attempts a user has to pass spam validation. After this happens they will be locked out for a period of time. The default on this is 5 times.

3. Maximum number of login attempts per username: This is how many times a user has to enter the correct user credentials before they are locked out for a set amount of time. The default here is 3.

4. Enable Spambot countermeasures for guest postings: This forces guest users to pass spam validation before they are allowed to post without logging in.

5. Allow users to refresh the anti-spambot task: Allows users to request a new test in order to pass anti-spam validation.


I will continue this following the order of the lines:

Next you will be prompted with a drop down menu which allows you to select what kind of validation you wish to use.

6. GD Image: This is the default and you can see it at the bottom of the image it’s like a re-captcha they enter the number letter sequence.

7. Simple Image: It’s more basic of the above. Easier to read.

8. GD Image:  Just a different variation of the first GD Image.

9. Q&A: This allows you to set a Q&A question for a person to answer for example: “Whats 1+1?” You can configure what you want it to say by clicking Configure button below.

10. reCaptcha: This allows you to configure your reCaptcha account from Google. Click configure in order to put your information. (I will discuss how to do this my next blog entry)

I hope that this helps out! If you have any questions please feel free to comment below.

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