How to Configure GoogleApps for Mail Using cPanel

Unfortunately Arvixe no longer offers an icon for GoogleApps. Please refer to the article below on how to configure.

How to Configure GoogleApps Using cPanel

Use the following pages for current GoogleApps setup:
Hello! Today I am going to be showing you how to configure GoogleApps for your emails using cPanel. By doing this, you will let Google handle all of your emails. You can take advantage of more than 7 GB of space, powerful spam filtering and excellent mobile platform integration. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to send emails through our server after you switch your mail system to Google.

To take advantage of this Google Application, you must already have a GoogleApps account that is configured to your domain. If you do not already have a GoogleApps account configured to your domain, create one first by going here, registering, and following the easy steps to verify your ownership of the domain.

Note: A video version of this article can be found at the bottom of this page.

To begin, sign into your cPanel and follow these steps:

1) Go to Mail and click on GoogleApps

2) Click on Configure Google Apps for Mail

3) Select the domain that you want to configure GoogleApps for mail on

4) Select whether you have a Free or Business GoogleApps account

5) Click the Continue button

6) Open a new window or tab and go to the Google Apps page by clicking here. Then, click on Sign in on the top right corner of the page

7) Enter your domain name and select Domain management from the drop down box

8 ) Click the Go button

9) Under Service Settings, click on Activate email

10) Click on verify domain ownership (you may have already verified your domain ownership when setting up your GoogleApps account, but this form of verification will make it easier to configure your GoogleApps for mail)

11) Click on the Continue button

12) Click on Add a DNS record to your domain’s configuration

13) From the drop down bar, select Other

14) Copy and paste the text code (on the GoogleApps page) into the Verification Code box (on the cPanel page)

15) Go to your cPanel page and click the Continue button

16) Go back to the GoogleApps page and click the Verify button. After you receive a confirmation, you may close this page.

17) From your cPanel page, click on the here link. This will open a new page.

18 ) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the I have completed these steps button

19) Click on the Advanced tools tab

20) Under Authenticate email, click Set up email authentication (DKIM)

21) Click on Generate new record 

22) Copy and paste the DNS Host name text (from the GoogleApps page), to the DNS Host name box (on the cPanel page). Also, copy and paste the TXT record value text (from the GoogleApps page), to the TXT record value box (on the cPanel page). See the image below for a clear example.

23) Click the Continue button

24) Click on Start authentication 

Authentication may take up to 48 hours to complete. Once authentication is complete, you will be able to send and receive all of your emails from your GoogleApps Mail page!

The rest of this article will cover the steps you must follow to create a custom subdomain to access your GoogleApps Mail page easier. To do this, navigate to your GoogleApps Dashboard and sign in to your cPanel.

1) From your GoogleApps Dashboard, click on Email under Service Settings

2) Under Web address, click on Change URL

3) Select Custom and enter the desired subdomain name (the subdomain name “mail” is reserved on Arvixe servers and cannot be uesd)

4) Click the Continue button

5) From your cPanel, go to Domains and click on Simple DNS Zone Editor

6) Under Add a CNAME Record, copy and paste the CNAME value or alias (from step 3 on the GoogleApps page) into the Name box (in cPanel). Then, copy and paste the CNAME address (from step 4 on the GoogleApps page) into the CNAME box (in cPanel). See the image below for a clear example.

7) Click the Add CNAME Record button

8 ) On the GoogleApps page, click the I’ve completed these steps button

That’s it! GoogleApps for Mail has now been configured on your domain! Whenever anyone visits the custom subdomain that you setup (, they will automatically be redirected to your GoogleApps Mail page where they may easily access all of the emails! (don’t worry, this page is password protected!)

This concludes how to configure GoogleApps for Mail using cPanel

Video Version:

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  1. Jacob says:


    I was trying to sign-up for google apps, tried to filled-up everything but it doesn’t get through.. it doesn’t do anything at all when I click next button in registration…. do u have any idea about the cause of the problem.

    Looking 4ward to your reply


    • Hello Jacob,
      This guide is extremely outdated. We are currently working on revised versions for all of the GoogleApps articles. Please stay tuned for the updates! Thank you 🙂

  2. Elsa says:

    Where is the new version of instructions on setting up Google Apps? I am still not able to successfully configure it ever since I switched to Arvixe.

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