How to Configure GoogleApps for Mail Using cPanel

Unfortunately Arvixe no longer offers an icon for GoogleApps. Please refer to the article below on how to configure.

How to Configure GoogleApps Using cPanel


Today we will be discussing how to Configure GoogleApps for Mail using your cPanel!

Google apps is a great tool for new and old businesses alike. With this sign up you get a free email that you can use. Access to google drive so that you can save your data on the fly. Security that allows you to manage your devices and connected accounts from anywhere! You can use Google Hangouts, and their Sheets program to share information with others! It’s quite an amazing program.

So how do I go about getting this you ask? Well let’s get started and then we will set up our Mail in cPanel as well.

So first you are going to log into your cPanel and look for GoogleAps like so:


After you click on the app icon you will be taken to the following page:


If you don’t already have an account you can create one here

After you create your account you have to verify that you do in fact own the website.

We need to go back to the google apps website and log in you will see the following page:


You need to verify your domain like in the above example so click verify domain and you will see the following:


Select other and click Begin Verification you will be taken to this page:


From here you will click the Alternative method. It will take you to this page:


For this tutorial I am going to use the upload an html document. After you have do the verification method that you chose you will click verify and see the following page:


That’s it! You have successfully set up your Google apps as well as your mail servers for google apps! It usually takes 48 hours to change the records over.

If you need any other help please feel free to ask away!

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6 Comments on How to Configure GoogleApps for Mail Using cPanel

  1. Raymond Chang says:

    I’m trying to set up GoogleApps for my domain but I can’t seem to find the GoogleApps Wizard button on my cPanel. Please help!

  2. Chiunchieh says:

    I set up my GoogleApps account but it says I need to set up billing. Does GoogleApps not come free with Arvixe?

    • Alex says:


      I’m afraid we don’t offer it for free. You would need to signup and pay the regular fee Google charges for their Apps service.



  3. Night Bird says:

    I even don’t find Google Apps Wizard in Cpanel.

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