How to Close or Open Your ocPortal Website

Whether your site is new and you want to close it while you are creating it, or you want to close your site while performing maintenance or completing a site redesign. You may want to open your site after either of these tasks. You may also want to set bandwidth or user limits on your site.

The first part of the process is exactly the same whichever of these tasks you want to perform. These are:

  • Navigate to the set up screen of your ocPortal installation’s adminzone
  • Choose Configuration
  • Choose Site options
  • The close and open site options are in the third section of the page.

This section of the site gives you a number of options and depending on the task you are performing you will need to choose different options.

closed site options

The first option relates to whether you want your site to collect stats while the site is closed. There are number of reasons you might want to leave this un-ticked; for example, you may want to be able to see how many visitors you are receiving while the site is closed. You may choose to disable this so you don’t skew any time on site or pages visited statistics.

The second option is whether the site is open or closed. Tick the box to close the site or untick it to open the site.

The third section is a message you can display when the site is closed. This is very important for you to be able to inform your visitors why the site is closed and when or even if the site is likely to be re-opened. This section is especially important if your site has been open for a while and receives regular visitors. Leaving this section blank may mean they won’t return.

The fourth and fifth section deal with setting limits on your website and closing the site if they are exceeded. Option 4 will limit access to the site if you reach the user limit. By default this is set to 100 users. You can change this to whatever setting you like but if you are using shared hosting you may want to tweak this to ensure your site performs adequately under s heavy traffic load.

If you are using Web Hosting with limits I would strongly recommend switching to Arvixe web hosting at your earliest opportunity which has no transfer or bandwidth limits and start from only $4 per month. The fifth option will set a limit in gigabytes before the site will be closed. This option is especially useful if you are using hosting which has traffic limits and extremely important if your web hosting has charges for exceeding those limits.

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