How to Change the Favicon in Joomla 2.5

In this tutorial, we will change the default favicon.
What is a favicon?
Is a small image associated with a page or website in particular? The graphical browsers typically display the favicon of the page visited. Thus, any image of an appropriate size (16 × 16 pixels or more) can be used, and although many still use them. ICO, other browsers now also support animated image formats GIF and PNG.

Example Arvixe.

Default Joomla favicon

1. In the directory that contains your joomla site, open the folder “templates”

2. Open the folder of the template that has a default, in this case is beez_20

3. Upload the new file, the new favicon:

4. We asked whether overwrite, click “yes”

5. To verify the changes, refresh your browser, and see the new favicon:

The new Favicon

This concludes How To Changing the Favicon in Joomla 2.5

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