How to Change the Default Banner Image on phpFox Installation

This article will focus on how to change the banner.png image that is loaded with the default installation of phpFox.

“How do I change that ugly world image on the main visitor’s page of my website?” I have seen this question posted a few dozen times on the phpFox forum.

The steps to changing this banner image are as follows:

1.  Create a new image, with the dimensions of 530px width by 245px (or more if you would like) height.  This image you want to name banner.png.  You can create this image in any photo or image editing software, but make sure you save it as banner.png.

2.  Open your site’s files either with your FTP program or with your cPanel File and navigate to the following folder:


This is where you will find the default banner.png image that you want to replace.

3.  Upload your new banner.png image, making sure to overwrite the original banner.png file with the new one.

First, select Upload from the menu bar in your file manager.

On the next screen, you want to navigate to the new banner.png file on your computer by clicking Browse.  When it asks if you would like to overwrite the current banner.png file, select Yes.

4.  Using your web browser, visit your website and view your new banner.png graphic.  If the image is still the original default world graphic, refresh your browser.

Congratulations! You have just changed the banner.png graphic for your phpFox website!

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Stephanie Brown

I am a web and graphic designer with 10+ years experience in website design and development, as well as website hosting. I have been working with the phpFox networking script for 3+ years. In those 3 years I have assisted clients with template/style customization and design, addon development, and general phpFox site maintenance. Outside of the internet, I am a mother of 2 young children, caretaker of 1 old english bulldog, 4 persian cats, and 1 baby black rat snake that decided to slither into our kitchen one day.

2 Comments on How to Change the Default Banner Image on phpFox Installation

  1. Destin says:

    Hello Stephanie Brown, i want to know… How do you change the background behind the banner.png? I want to add a image behind the banner.png. Can you help me?

    Thank you.

    • Stephanie Brown says:

      Hi Destin. In order to do what you want to do, you would need a bit of an understanding of CSS and how to use tools to find the tags to edit. I would suggest using Firefox/Firebug and using the inspect with Firebug feature to find the css tag that you need to edit to add an image in the background. With that said, I would suggest creating a new theme/style based off of the one you are currently using, and creating a custom.css file in it so that you don’t edit default PHPFox files or files from your theme developer.

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