How to change the style of user groups in Xenforo


Today we are going to discuss how to change the styling of user group text. So what exactly am I talking about you ask? Look below:


So where you see the user name Admin that is what we are going to change today. There are various ways to change this you can change from way the box around user itself looks to images. That is however beyond the scope of this tutorial. Today we are just going to change the style of the text. So go ahead and log into your Admin control panel and navigate to Users > User Groups  You will see a page like this after you do that:


From here you can pick the group that you wish to edit for the purpose of this tutorial, we are going to edit the Administrative group for this. The page looks like so:


So we will go ahead and edit so that we can change what we need too here each section does the following:

Title: That is a give the name of the group.

Display Styling Priority: This sets the CSS priority of the group and what settings that the software will use based on them.

User Title Override: This allows you to set a strict color or to select a custom one. For this tutorial we are using a custom color set.

Username CSS: This is where we are going to put the CSS for our custom colors, images etc.

User Banner Text: This allows you to set the particular banner that will be displayed underneath the users name when they post.

Banner Styling: If you can’t find a custom image to use you can always set to a one that is already provided for you.

General Permissions: So this is the over all permissions of this user group here you can change where they can post what they can do as a user group.

So let’s focus on Username CSS. here is where we are going to change the color of our user group. So in the Username CSS box you will type the following:

color: red;

It will look like this:


After you do this scroll down to the bottom and click save user group. Once you do this you will now navigate to your forum board index and take a look at the admin user group it should like so:


There ya have it! If you have any questions please feel free to ask away below!

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