How to change the background of unread posts in phpBB

Today we are going to discuss how to change the background color of unread posts in your PHPBB forums. Now this does take a bit of understand and I assume that you know how to access and edit your templates. For this example, we are going to use prosilver. It’s a default theme that comes with PHPBB. So what do we do?

Well first your going to open your favorite FTP client or you can use Arvixe’s default file explorer for this. Your going to need to navigate to your forum installation and to this path:

public_html/(forum install folder here)/styles/prosilver/theme/colours.css

It will look like this:


Now we are going to look for this in our CSS page:

.bg3   { background-color: #cadceb; }”

After you find that line add this part directly after(without quotes):

“.bg4   { background-color: #bbd3e5; }”

So it looks like this:


Don’t forget to save and re-upload your file and overwrite it.

Now we navigate to: styles/prosilver/template/viewforum_body.html

Again how ever you wish to open it is your choice. It looks like the following image:


Now we are looking for the following piece it should be right around line 114. It looks like this:


<li class=“row<!– IF topicrow.S_ROW_COUNT is even –> bg1<!– ELSE –> bg2<!– ENDIF –><!– IF topicrow.S_POST_ANNOUNCE –> announce<!– ENDIF –><!– IF topicrow.S_POST_STICKY –> sticky<!– ENDIF –><!– IF topicrow.S_TOPIC_REPORTED –> reported<!– ENDIF –>”> “

You will replace it with the following code:

        <li class="row<!-- IF topicrow.S_ROW_COUNT is even --> bg1<!-- ELSE --> bg2<!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF topicrow.S_UNREAD_TOPIC --><!-- IF topicrow.S_ROW_COUNT is even --> bg3<!-- ELSE --> bg4<!-- ENDIF --><!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF topicrow.S_POST_ANNOUNCE --> announce<!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF topicrow.S_POST_STICKY --> sticky<!-- ENDIF --><!-- IF topicrow.S_TOPIC_REPORTED --> reported<!-- ENDIF -->">

It’s pretty easy actually. It should look like this now:


As always make sure that you click save and re-upload and overwrite to the new one.

Now make sure that prosilver is default and you need to refresh your theme. So go to themes:


Click refresh on the right:


There ya have it!

It may take some messing around with clearing the cache in order to get it to work and you might have to clear your browsers cache as well in order to see it!


If you have further questions please feel free to ask below!

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