How to Change Order of Search Results in Clip-Bucket >= v2.5


If you would like to change the order of the results when you search inside Clip-Bucket, keep reading. It’s a very easy task to do, yet very useful.

Difficulty Level: Easy

1. Open search.class.php, located in ./includes/classes/*

2. Let’s say you want to order results by most viewed. Go to line 40, where it says:

var $sort_by = 'date_added';

Change it to:

var $sort_by = 'views';

If you would like to order results by top rated, replace views for ‘rating

If you got any problem, please let me know and I’d be happy to assist you.

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3 Comments on How to Change Order of Search Results in Clip-Bucket >= v2.5

  1. karan says:

    Hello Friend,

    Please Help me for Order by ‘Title’ in Search………….?

    Karan Yadav

  2. Tahir says:

    Sir your solution seems to be very easy but its not working i have change the date added to views and also to videoid but no effects can be shown please let me know how to sort the search results by videoid DESC thanks!

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