[HOW-TO] Call or display a field from database in the watch_video page on Clip-Bucket


I am going to show you how to display any field in the video row. This is very useful when you have added more fields to the table, and you want to show them, for example a ‘likes’ field.

Difficulty level: Easy (Super easy if you have some very, but very basic PHP or MySQL knowledge)

Let’s say you have a field called “likes”.

1. Open up watch_video.html located in ./styles/{YOURTEMPLATE}/layout/*

2. Position your cursor wherever you want to show the data, and type in:



  • After the dot (.), you must write the field name.
  • Remember to keep the braces ({,})

$vdo is an array that holds all the fields in the video row.

Well that’s all, you can save and upload your file to test it out. Anything else you need, please let me know =).

Best Regards,


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