How to Block Spammers at Login in Elgg 1.8

In this article I will give a step by step guide on how to install an anti-spammer tool in Elgg 1.8  This is a plugin that blocks spammers using external services and internal domain blacklist. To install this anti-spam tool, follow these steps:

1. Download the Spam Login Filter plugin from here

2. Once downloaded, upload the plugin in the mod folder of your installation Elgg 1.8.

3. After uploading is done, go back to your Elgg site, and log in as an admin. On the topbar menu, click on the Administration link:

4. Find the plugin spam_login_filter and click on Enable to activate the plugin:

5. Once activated, go back and find the plugin and click on the link that says Settings:



6. A menu will appear showing some options. Select yes only to those marked on the picture:

7. Then, click on Save. A message will be displayed confirming the changes: “Settings for the Spam Login Filter plugin were saved successfully”.

It is extremely important that you protect your Elgg 1.8 site against spammers. Elgg spammers hammer your site, and waste server resources in a bad way.

This now concludes how to block spammers at login in Elgg 1.8.

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Happy Hosting!

Rodolfo Hernandez

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