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So Spam users and spammers in general are a great pain in the butt for users of all community software’s this is no exception with phpBB. Today I will show you how to find those spammers and ban and delete them from your forum.  “I have anti spammer plugins or mod’s or anything of the sort enabled on my forum how do they still get through?” Well spammers are getting smarter and they are now usually real people so they can now bypass your anti-spammer mods and plugins. So sometimes you have to go in and edit yourself.  Not too much of a problem to be honest!

So first log into your Admin panel or ACP and click Manage users on the left hand side you will be presented with a screen that looks like this:


You can then type in the name of the user you want to look up or click Find member underneath the type box.

For this tutorial I am going to use a real spammer that I have found on my forums.


Alright what I usually look for is strange name and unusual email addresses. I also WHOIS the IP to see if it’s from China, Thailand, Philippines or any other strange country.

So line 1 is the username again check to see if it’s a strange such as the one in this tutorial is ugg boots Australia that right there is a dead giveaway they are in fact spam but we can run through a few more just to make sure.

Number 2 is number of posts this person has been a member since the 2 and has made no posts at all that is a little suspicious at least in my eyes.

Number 3 is email. I think based on how funny this email looks that it’s spam.

So the last thing I check from is WHOIS.  The picture below is what WHOIS looks like:


So when I did WHOIS for the user we have been working with I didn’t get any data but the IP again so I went ahead and saw that I had another spam user so I did WHOIS on them.

There are two main points I look at when using WHOIS.

The First is Next to line 1

The country name. For this example it’s Russia. Honestly I don’t expect to have Russian users so for me this is really strange.

The next is line number 2

Line 2 is usually the address this is important because you can determine if it’s in fact from Russia.

So after all of that is said and done and you have determined that the user in question is in fact a spammer you can proceed with banning them.

First you will scroll down the user page details. You will find a drop down menu next to the title Basic Tools you will then select:  Ban by IP


You will then see two boxes appear after you select this. Reason for ban and then what to show user

I always put spammer in both boxes. I think it lets them know that you caught them.  It looks like this below


After you are done click submit next to it and it will save please also make sure you ban their email address as well. It is achieved the same way that banning the IP is.

The final step is deleting the user.

At the very bottom of the user config page you will see delete user! Just click submit and the user will be deleted as seen in the image below:


That’s it you’re done!

I hope you find this tutorial useful and if you have any questions please feel free to comment below!

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