How to Backup Your WordPress

The WP-DB-Backup plugin makes performing backups as simple as clicking a few links in the admin panel. Even simpler, it can be set to automatically perform back-ups at set time intervals and email the zipped files to you. To manually do backups you would need to access phpMyAdmin on your server and select the database and individually select each table, select the correct set of options, export the tables, etc., etc…. If you’re a tech geek and don’t know yet how to do this you can find all the steps to do that here.

Using the Backup Plugin

In your WP admin panel click on the Manage tab and then on the Backup tab. Here you can conduct backups in two ways. Manually, as in simply clicking the Backup! button, or set a schedule for automated backups. Which form of backup you do will depend on how often you are updating content on your site.

One Click Backups

If your site does not change very often then you can simply elect to click the Backup! button as you feel a backup is needed. Choose between sending the compressed back-up file to your server, to your computer, or to your email. When doing this form of backup it might be wise to both copy the files to your server and send a copy to either your computer or your email. If your email address is tied to your domain name then you should realize that a catastrophic server failure or simply failing to pay your hosting bill could possibly cause you to lose your emails saved on the server.

Scheduled Automatic Backups

If you post regularly then you should use the scheduled option. It can be set to hourly, daily and weekly. A highly trafficked site with a large number of comments being posted to the site might elect for hourly backups. A site that posts new content every few days to a week or so, and does not receive lots of new comments each day may opt for weekly. For both the manual backup and the auto backup you can choose to also do a backup of your plugin data and the upgrade log

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