How to Backup Your Database Using WebsitePanel

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to schedule automatic backups of your databases from your WebsitePanel

If you want to manually backup and restore a database one time, please refer to this article

Sign into your WebsitePanel and follow these steps:

1) Click Scheduled Tasks

2) Click Add Scheduled Task

3) In the Task Name box, enter a task name for the database backups

4) In the Task Type drop down bar, select Backup Database

5) In the Database Type drop down bar, select which type of database the database your want to backup is

6) In the Database Name box, enter the name of the database your want to backup

7) In the Backup Folder box, enter the folder in which you would like your database to be saved to

8 ) In the Backup File Name box, enter a name for your backup file. If you include [date] or [time] in the file name, a date/time string will be added to the file name.

9) Select if you want your backups to run DailyWeeklyMonthlyOnce, or in Intervals from the drop down bar. Then, depending on your selection, fill out information to schedule your backup.

10) Click Save

Your database backup has now been scheduled!

After the backup is taken, remember to download the zip files and remove the old zip files

This now concludes how to backup your database using WebsitePanel

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