How to backup a MSSQL database using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express

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Arvixe customers can enjoy the ability of remote management of their MSSQL databases using the free software from Microsoft called Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express.

Please note, this is not available with the new SQL Server 2012 plans. Backups are now only possible via WSP for shared servers. Backups via SSMS will only be possible for VPS Class and Dedicated Class. This blog post will explain how an Arvixe customer can backup a database to the hosting space and later download it to keep offline to restore when needed.
Note: Per Arvixe’s TOS and AUP, keeping a backup on your hosting space is not allowed. Please make sure that after you create a backup, you download it to your local PC/Server and remove it from the hosting space.

Note: As of writing of this post, for security purposes, the ability to create this backup is UNAVAILABLE due to security measures. To be able to do this backup, first contact Arvixe’s 24/7/365 email/live chat/phone support.

  • First, install MSSQL Server 2008 Management Studio Express and connect to your database[1]
  • Find your database, right click it and click on Tasks -> Backup up… (picture 1)

    picture 1

    picture 1 – click to enlarge

  • On the next screen, Under the Destination section, click on the Remove button at the bottom-right to remove and paths that might exist there and then click on Add (picture 2)

    picture 2

    picture 2 – click to enlarge

  • Now, your hosting space, at Arvixe, exists in C:\HostingSpaces\<username> OR E:\HostingSpaces\<username>
    Where <username> is your control panel username you use to login to it.
    In that hosting space, are then your website’s domains as directories: C:\HostingSpaces\<username>\ OR E:\HostingSpaces\<username>\
    Under each website’s directory, exists a directory called data. This is where you’ll put your backup file. Pick a name for the backup file and click OK (picture 3)

    • shai.arvixe = account username
    • = website’s directory in the hosting space
    • data = a directory just under the website’s directory where the backup file will be created
    • shai.arvixe.bak = the backup file to create of the database

    picture 3

    picture 3

  • Ignore the warning and click OK (picture 4)

    picture 4

    picture 4

  • Back in the Back Up Database windows, click OK (picture 5)

    picture 5 - click to enlarge

    picture 5 – click to enlarge

  • When the backup is complete, a success confirmation popup should appear (picture 6)
  • Now you can use your File Manager or FTP software (FileZilla?) to download the backup file and remove it from the hosting space.
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