How to Assign Local Images to Products in TomatoCart

This article talks about how to assign images to products from local files in the admin panel->Catalog->Products.

Figure 1. The products images tab in admin panel

Figure 1 shows what it looks when no local image is selected. It means that you haven’t uploaded any image into file: images/products/_upload directory yet. You could do via ftp or file manager tool in your host cpanel.

Figure 2. The _upload directory in the images/products which is used to store the local products images

Let’s say the following images are uploaded onto the images/products/_upload directory.

Figure 3. The images uploaded into the images/products/_upload directory

These images will then be displayed by title in the admin panel as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4. The uploaded images displayed in the Local Files tab

Select the image and click the Add button. Multi-choice is supported.

Figure 5. Assign the local images to the product

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