[HOW-TO] Adjust account navigation bar for proper display in Clip-Bucket


I’ll show you how to correct this error (see image below). For me it happens in Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10, SwiftFox v3.5.3. This is written for v2.0.91, but can be easily modified to work with any Clip-Bucket version. You can always do a backup of the files we are going to edit if later you want to revert changes.

What I am talking about:

Difficulty level: Easy

1. Open main.css located in ./styles/{YOUTEMPLATE}/theme*

2. Search for: “.navi ul li:first-child”, and add  margin-left to 10px (or edit only to 10px).

margin-left: 10px;

3. Search for: “.navi ul li”, and set padding to  0 5px 0 6px:

padding: 0 5px 0 6px;

4. Upload now to your server, and overwrite when asked.

That’s it! If you can’t see the changes, please try clearing your browser’s cache.

Any question, comment, suggestion, etc, feel free to leave a comment or contacting me =).

Best Regards,


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