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ebaystoreThere are a number of addons which are designed to integrate and display information from a third party source. One of these addons is designed to display information from an eBay store. Selling through eBay is huge and very popular with a lot of people. If you have a website and an eBay store, the ability to display the details of the items you’re selling on your website is very important.

Here is how to install the eBay store addon on to your ocPortal website.

Installing the eBay store addon

  • Log in to your adminzone
  • Navigate to the structure section and choose the addons option.
  • Scroll down and choose Import non-bundled addons
  • Expand the third party integration section and choose the eBay store addon
  • Check the file which will be installed and make sure none of them will break any custom changes to the code you have made
  • Once you are happy click proceed
  • Once the addons page reloads select the green plus next to the eBay store
  • Check the list of files again to make sure installing them won’t break any changes you have made to the code and click proceed once you are happy

Displaying your eBay store block

ocPortal-ebay-storeNow your block is installed you will need to display it on your website. You will need to determine whether it’s from a specific seller or a specific eBay store you would like to display the listings from. You need to make sure you choose the right option or the block will not function properly.

You also need to make sure you set the right domain for the eBay store (.com or for example) or the block will not function. The block will be viewable from anywhere but the domain must match that of the eBay store.

If you are showing listings form a store you can also use the query parameter to only display items of a specific types, Bikes for example or Phones.

Once you have decided where you want the block to display, click the block construction wizard and fill in the necessary information for the block to display. Check using the preview option to make sure the block displays correctly for you and click ‘use’ and then ‘save’ on the next screen. Your block should now display with listings included.

If you have any problems please ask and I’ll help you out as best I can.

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