Adding Usernames to Page Titles in Oxwall

Rename “Your Dashboard” with a User’s Name

Hello fellow Oxwallers!

Today I am going to show you how you can rename your page titles such as “Your dashboard” to include usernames such as “Dave’s Dashboard”. This is actually a rather simple thing to do and in just a few easy steps, I’ll show you how you can get this accomplished.

1. Go to your cPanel and open the following file in file manager

File: ow_system_plugins/base/controllers/component_panel.php

Original Code: $this->setPageHeading(OW::getLanguage()->text(‘base’, ‘dashboard_heading’));
Modified code:

$displayName = BOL_UserService::getInstance()->getDisplayName(OW::getUser()->getId());
$this->setPageHeading(OW::getLanguage()->text(‘base’, ‘dashboard_heading’, array(‘username’ => $displayName)));

2. From the admin panel of your Oxwall website go to the following location:

admin panel>>settings>>languages>>edit text key {text


Original text: My Dashboard
Modified text:{$username}’s Dashboard

Congrats on the new mod. I think this definitely another small mod that helps you site looks more personal to your members. In other words it makes your oxwall based website appear more professional and that is never a bad thing.


1. This will rename only heading and not the menu title
2. All custom code modifications will be erased if you updated the software.
3. You are doing any custom code modifications at your own risk. So always back up the file you are editing to have original one just in case.

Thank you,
Charles Benson,

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Credit for blog post goes to Emil from the Oxwall Team.

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