Add Plugin Widgets to Groups on Oxwall Websites (Mod)

Hello guys,
I hope you enjoy the following tutorial on how to achieve this really cool mod. Definitely helps make your site unique and gives your users a little something they might not find on other Oxwall based websites!

The code used in this video is as follows:

$event = new BASE_CLASS_EventCollector(‘feed.collect_widgets’);OW::getEventManager()->trigger($event);
foreach( $event->getData() as $widgetInfo ){ if ($widgetInfo[‘place’] == ‘group’) { try { $placeWidget = BOL_ComponentAdminService::getInstance()->addWidgetToPlace($widget, $widgetInfo[‘place’]); BOL_ComponentAdminService::getInstance()->addWidgetToPosition($placeWidget, $widgetInfo[‘section’], $widgetInfo[‘order’]); } catch ( Exception $e ) {
} }}

I hope you guys find this information useful. As always, make sure to check out Arvixe for the best hosting deals on the web and check out Oxwall Accessories for all your custom Oxwall needs!

Charles Benson

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