How to Add or Remove Extensions From Your WebSitePanel

Applied on: Windows (ASP) Hosting Plans with WebSitePanel

The following extensions are available in hosting plans with Arvixe:

  1. ASP
  2. ASP.Net  various versions
  3. PHP
  4. Perl
  5. CGI-Bin

Use the following steps to enable/disable any of provided extension in your hosting plan.

Step 1. Log in to your WebSitePanel. Click on Web Sites from the Web menu.

Step 2. Step 1 will open a page listing your existing websites.

Step 3. Click on any website for which you need to update the extension capability. This will open the Website Properties page, as shown below:

Step 4. Click on the extension button to see the available extensions. Then, modify the extensions as per requirement.

Step 5. Click Update

Now your website has scripting capabilities as per your modification.

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