How to add Notices to your Xenforo Forums

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Today we are going to discuss how to add Notices to your forums.  What are these you ask? They look like this:


So these notices can be dismissed if you wish them to be and they can appear where ever you wish for them to be. So  how do we do this you ask? Well log into your Admin panel and look on the left hand side you will see a link called List Notices.  It looks like this:


Once you find the link click it and you should see this page:


So let’s create a new one then in the top right corner you will see a button named Create New Notice. Click that and you will see this page:


So let’s go over each section that is provided:

Title: This is the title you are going to give it that you can only see. This will allow you to set it for you. So make it unique.

Message: This is the message that you wish to display to your users.

Options: This allows you to set if users can close it, Making it active, And you can undo the normal CSS that is associated with the notices.

Display Order: Set’s the order in which it is displayed.

At the top you get the following other options.  They are as follows:

User Criteria: This allows you to set the criteria in which a user can see this. If they are guests, normal users, Admin’s etc. Specific user groups as a whole.

Date Criteria: You can set date criteria here. From when they joined to specific dates and times. Like if you wanted to display a message saying that maintenance will be done during this time to this time. You can edit the times here.

Page Criteria: You can set which Nodes to show this on or whole categories here.

Custom Field Criteria: Here you can edit custom field like twitter, AIM etc.


So after you decided the criteria that you are going to use and the message you are going to use you will click Save Notice. After you do that you can navigate back to the page that you wish display this on to check if it is there like so:


There you have it you did it! If you have any questions or comments please ask below!

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