How to Add New Tabs with Elements in the admin_area of Clip-Bucket v2


Recently I’ve been creating several custom modifications for different clients, and they often ask me to create an area to administer configurations for it or other things. The easiest way for me to create the tab for the mod in the left column, will be shown in this article (Scroll to the bottom to see an image of what I’m talking about). Feel free to comment if you have an optimization for my method. Works for the Clip-Bucket v2 branch.

Difficulty level: Easy

1. Open left_menu.html, located in ./admin_area/styles/cbv2/layout/*

2. Before:

<!-- *********************************End Menu****************************** -->

add the following:

<div class=”mainDiv” >

    <div class="topItem"  >NAME OF TAB</div> 
    <div class="dropMenu" >           
      <div class="subMenu">
            <div class="subItem"><a href="NAMEOFFILE.php">NAMEOFELEMENT</a></div>

3.  Change “NAMEOFTAB“, to the name you would like the tab to have; change “NAMEOFFILE“, to the name of your php file; change “NAMEOFELEMENT“, to the name of the sub item  or element.

To add different elements, duplicate this line:

<div class="subItem"><a href="NAMEOFFILE.php">NAMEOFELEMENT</a></div>

You can have as much as you want.

Image below is for you to better understand what does each change correspond to.

4. Save and Upload.

To see your newly created tab, go to your admin_area. If you any question or problems, please do not hesitate to comment, and I’ll be more than glad to assist you.

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