How to Add Facebook Like Box to Joomla

The Facebook like box is a good tool to increase traffic to your Joomla site. However sometimes is a little tricky to add it. In this article I will give demonstrate how to customize your Joomla website to add a “Facebook Like Box”.

1. First we went to “Like Box” section of “social plugins” “Facebook Developers“.

2 .We edit the features of our “Like Box” and we click on “get code” to get the code you need:

3. Copy the code (which is selected in the image):


4. In the next step, within the Joomla control panel, go to “Extensions -> Template Manager”:

5. We click on the “Templates” and select the template in use:


6. And we edit the main template:


7. And paste the code inside the body tag, in this case we will close just before the tag:


8. Then in the Joomla control panel, go to “Extensions -> Module Manager”:

9. Being in the “Module Manager”, we click on “New”:

10. And select “Custom HTML”:

11. We create the new module, with the title “Facebook Like Box”, we let the title and select show in position where we want to show:

12. In the next step, in the “Custom output” we click on “html” and paste the code that shows Facebook developers:

13. And we click on Update:

Save the module and then we click on “view site” to see the changes. If everything was successful, we will have this:

This concludes How to add Facebook Like Box in Joomla.

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