How to Add Facebook Comments in Joomla

In this article, I will give you a step by step on how to add Facebook comments on your Joomla blog.

  1. First, Download  the Social Comments extension to use:
  2. After downloading, install the plugin, click on “Extensions -> Extension Manager”:Joomla
  3. In the form of “Extension Manager: Install”, go up the file extension that you downloaded and we click on “Upload & Install”:
  4. Completed the installation, we click on “Extension-> Plug-in Manager”: 
  5. Select the plugin “Content – Facebook Comments”: 
  6. We changed the status to “Enabled”, and we click on “Save & Close”: 
  7. To use it, add the tag {fcomment} in the content of an article we publish. 
  8. And this is the result: 

This concludes How to add Facebook Comments in Joomla

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