How to Add DNS Records Using WebsitePanel

So you have a web hosting plan from Arvixe with WebsitePanel control panel and you need to add DNS records such as CNAME or MX. You need not to have to seek help from Arvixe support. You can add the required entries yourself, but the interface for adding DNS settings is hidden. You will have a tough time adding entries if you are new to WebsitePanel control panel.

Follow the steps given below to add new DNS records

(1) Login to WebsitePanel and click Domains icon


(2) Select the domain and click Edit DNS zone records link located under DNS panel.


(3) You will be able to view list of DNS entries

(4) Click Add record button, select an appropriate record type and provide relevant data supplied by the provider. For example, Google provides set of MX data for pointing to their apps e-mail service.


In some cases, you need to verify your website by adding CNAME record supplied by Google. You can also add new TXT record for the purpose of e-mail service provided by your hosting partner.

WARNING: You should not delete any existing data from the DNS Records page. It is advisable to capture a screenshot of the original records page before attempting any modifications.

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