How to Add a Custom MIME Type in cPanel

Applied on: cPanel (Linux) Hosting

MIME types relay information to the browser about how to handle file extensions. Adding MIME types is useful for enabling visitors’ browsers to handle new technologies as they come out. cPanel lets you add new MIME types to your web server by defining a name, directory, and corresponding file extension.

Click here for a list of the most common MIME types.

To add a MIME type:

Step 1. Enter the name of the file type’s handler into the Mime Type field.

For example, application/cgi would be the handler for the .cgi extension.

Step 2. Enter the file extension in the Extension(s) field.

A file extension is made of the letters following the dot (“.”) in a file name. For example, filename.fileextension.

Step 3. Click Add.

This concludes how to add a custom MIME type in cPanel

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