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Concrete5 is a particularly easy to use CMS (content management system) and adding pages is extremely quick.  Think of your website as being a book… The Home page is the Cover of the book… each upper level page (the ones you normally see on the Navigation Bar) would be Chapters… each chapter can have pages of its own… and so forth. A typical sitemap of a Concrete5 site is like the table of contents and usually looks like the following:Sitemap

And your Navigation Menu for your site would look like:menu

Adding a new “upper level” page to your site can be done from two spots. Pages can be added from your dashboards Sitemap area… Or can be added directly from the Home page of your site (sub pages can be added from any other page ie. Guestbook is found under About)! To create a new page under your Home page, hover over the Edit Button in the upper left of the page and you’ll now see an option to “Add a Sub-Page”

Add Page

Selecting the “Add” button will give you the option of choosing what page layout you prefer to use.Page types

After selecting page layout, you will name your page, save, and automatically it is added to the end of the Navigation Menu and you can begin editing it as you desire.New Page on Nav

Adding pages from the sitemap is also convenient. Just click on a page and choose “Add Page” from the drop-down.Sitemap dropdown

In both methods of adding pages, your new page will display at the end of the list. To change the order it shows up in, from the full site map, just click on the icon before the page name to “drag & drop” where you prefer to have it. The Navigation menu will automatically update to reflect the new order.New sitemap

If you are building a more complicated site and find yourself having to add several pages at the same time, take a look at an add-on I’ve had success with. The “Add multiple pages” add-on by developer jeramy is simple to use, effective, and free! Download a copy from the Concrete5 Marketplace

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