How to Add and Manage Announcements in phpFox

This article will focus on adding and managing Announcements in your phpFox website.

From time to time, you may find that you want to say something to all or part of your community.  The easiest way to do this is with an announcement.

Add Announcements

In order to add a new announcement, in your admincp, select the Modules menu and select Add New under the Announcement heading.

There are a number of fields on the Add Announcement page.  I will explain them further after the screenshot.

Announcement Details – this section is where you will enter your announcement Title, short excerpt, and full announcement.

Subject – This is the title of your announcement.

Intro – This is the short excerpt of the announcement that will be seen wherever the announcement is displayed.

Announcement – This is where you will enter the full content of your announcement.

Display Options – This section is where you will select how and when the announcement will be displayed.

Active – This is where you select whether the announcement is active on your website.

Can Be Closed – If you want your members to be able to close the announcement, and not see it again, then you would select Yes.  If you want the announcement to be visible until you the site admin decides it no longer needs to be viewed, you would select No.

Show in the Dashboard – Select Yes if you want the announcement to show in your member’s dashboard.

Show Author – Select Yes if you want to show the Author of the announcement.

Start Date – This is where you select when the announcement will start being displayed.

Target Viewers – This section is where you will select which of your members see the announcement.

User Groups  – Select which user groups will be able to view the announcement.

Location – Select which Country will be able to view the announcement.

Gender – Select which Gender will be able to view the announcement.

Age Group Between – Select which age group will be able to view the announcement.

Once you have filled out all the fields, select Submit to save your announcement.

This is what your new announcement looks like on your member’s dashboard:

Manage Announcement

On the Manage screen you will see a list of all your announcements.

You can enable or disable any announcement by toggling the radio button under the Active column.  You can select the down arrow on the left of the announcement to delete it or to select edit to edit the announcement.

Now you should be able to add and manage announcements on your phpFox website!

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