How to Add and Delete Components with Silex

With Silex it’s very easy to add / delete components in your publication.

Add Components

Note: to add components to your publication, you have to:

* be in edition mode (right click  on your publication + login / password)
* open the wysiwyg

Just select the sublayer on which one you want to add your component(s) and click on “add component”:

It opens the components toolbox.

If you select a singular component (for example the text component or the geometry component), it appears directly on the stage.

If you select a component that has several skins, you can select the skin of your choice and then click on “import” to make the component appear on the stage.

If you select a component that corresponds to a “type of component” (as for example “image”, “jpg image”, “audio”, “video”, etc…) it opens the library toolbox. Just browse your folders, select the wanted component and then click on “import”.

Once added, just select your component in the components toolbox and change its properties.

Delete Components

To delete a component, just select it in the components toolbox, click on the trash at the bottom and click on “delete” to confirm.

Watch the tutorial to see how simple it is!

Tuto Silex Add & Delete components

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