How to Add Addon Domains to Your Website Using cPanel

This article will give you a step by step guide on how to add Addon Domains to your website from your cPanel.

Sign into your cPanel and follow these steps:

1) Go to Domains and click Addon Domains

2) Enter the new desired domain name (this will automatically fill in the Username and Document Root boxes, but you may change them if you like)

3) Enter the desired password

4) Click Add Domain

5) You will then get a confirmation page saying that your additional domain has been created

This concludes how to add Addon Domains to your website from your cPanel

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22 Comments on How to Add Addon Domains to Your Website Using cPanel

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  2. Randon Singh says:

    Have $7 plan monthly offering 6 add on domain, but when i am trying to add it denies and says wrong ftp or subdomain. Two add on done but says this error while adding 3rd add on domain.

  3. Sanchita says:

    thanks a lot. problem solving is a breeze on arvixe. i m just loving it

  4. Ashik Rahman says:

    i registered a domain with godaddy and i wanna add the domain in my arvixe hosting plan. How may i do this?

  5. Yes, but check first if you want to add the domain as a subdomain to later use in WordPress multi-user sites or not. Because in the latter case you need to make sure it is not using a subdirectory, which would be the standard cPanel configuration. And having said that when I have had to create many subdomains in one go (e.g. with a self-hosted WP blog network for scientific collaboration on a larger project, I discovered one could copy the cPanel HTML source code, use a mail merge and then have a multiple form where one then only has to push the “button” for each subdomain and creates them about ten times faster than having to call the subdomain form every time from scratch. Maybe it can be automated further using GET and PUT, but I didn’t want to mess up things.

  6. sudheesh says:

    i purhased one domain and i want know about how to host it

  7. Zoe says:

    I have a host account and a parked domain, I want to have a website for the parked domain with URL like, how to do that?

  8. burcin says:

    How can i publish my addon domain website after i finished the steps above? I have added the domain like above then i installed WP from Softaculous but it did not publish.

    • Alex says:


      Once you have added an addon domain it should already be live and ready to go. You just need to upload your files/content to the relevant directory.

      If you’re not seeing your addon domain (it is not publicly visible) then most likely you need to update your nameservers. The nameservers need to match that of the primary domain name (the one we emailed you when your account was setup).

      If you’re still having issues, it would be best if you reach out to our support team at support [at]



      • Kristina says:

        Alright, and how do we do that? How to update the nameservers to match?

        • Kristina says:

          And I have added my new domain but I dont see it in the billing panel to change the servers.. how to fix this ?

          • Alex says:


            Add-on domains act a little different than normal domains. You don’t get a separate cPanel account nor an extra record in your billing account, everything for this addon domain is handled in your main domain’s cPanel account.

            The name servers would be the same as your main domain. So whatever you have set for your main domain, set for your addon domain and it should appear online after a few hours for DNS propagation.



        • Alex says:


          Have you registered the domain name? If not, you would need to do that separately ( If you have, you would just need to login to your billing area and update the name servers of the domain name to use the same name servers as your main domain.



  9. Hi Arian,
    I’m new here at Arvixe Hosting (less than two weeks) and I want to ask about a couple of things concerning the add on domains.
    – The first one is that when adding an add on domain, the cPanel -sort of- obliges you to relate the add on domains to the domain used for registration (primary domain name as you said above), and it uses the new domain name as a subdomain to the ‘primary domain name’, is this normal?
    – When I try to visit I find that the whole website (add on) is hosted as a subdomain for the primary domain name, my question is that: is there a way to prevent this?
    – No one knows Google’s algorithms of ranking websites, but it is no brainer that, if Google spiders find irrelevant content on the subdomain, the website will be penalized and it won’t show up on the search results page (or I’m only hallucinated with with Google’s penalties rules!).
    – The add on websites are hosted on a subdirectory on the public_html file on the server (I think public_html/’s-files-and-folders), is it only way to do it (host add on websites), and SEO speaking, does it harm the add on website’s ranking? (hosted on a subdirectory of an irrelevant site!)
    I know I’ve spoke a lot! but they are all yes/no questions!
    Thanks in advance.

    • Noah S says:

      Hi, It is normal for the new domain to have a subdomain extension created when adding a domain to cPanel. The only way to prevent the from showing the addon domain site would be to have a fake domain name setup as your main domain. You would need to contact support ( to have them do this (it does use up one of your domains through on the non-PRO plans). Unfortunately for the Google ranking/spiders information that is something you would want to talk with an SEO expert on.

  10. John Higo says:

    Hi, I have added this add-on domain to my hosting account, I would like to give someone access to this add-on domain, without giving them access to my other domains. Is there a way they can login to Control Panel directly to this domain, without access to the others?

    • Alex says:


      I’m afraid not. This is a cPanel limitation within the addon domains feature. If they really needed access you have 2 options:

      1. Create an FTP account with limited access to just the addon domains files. But even with this, they would only be able to access the files of the site and not have any other cPanel feature (databases, email etc).

      2. Purchase a reseller account: You don’t have to use it for reselling and this will allow you to create separate cPanel accounts for each domain name which you can then share.



      • richard says:

        2. Purchase a reseller account: You don’t have to use it for reselling and this will allow you to create separate cPanel accounts for each domain name which you can then share.

        How do you do that ?
        I did purchase a reseller account, but i can’t seem to find any instructions from arvixe to do it, and the info seems to generic. can you give specific instructions on how to add another domain to my reseller account ?

  11. Dabin says:

    Hi, I am new with the Arvixe web hosting and I saw that the PersonalClass plan can host up to 6 domains.
    Does it mean that I can manage two different websites independently?

    Currently I manage my primary from “” and if I use the addon domain, I can manage which has different context from primary??


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