How to add a topic page to sitemap in nopCommerce

A sitemap acts as a phone directory for your website that gives information about all the pages of your website. In order to have a successfully online business, a website’s ranking is quite important when it comes to search engines. A sitemap is mainly beneficial in two areas:

1) It allows users / online shoppers to easily find any page(s) that they are interested in viewing / browsing

2) It allows search engines (like Bing, Google & Yahoo etc) to index your website and tells them the location of the pages

So, when you add any new page to your site, it is important to add it in the sitemap.Today, we will go over the process of adding a topic page to sitemap in nopCommerce.

To access your sitemap, simple go to this URL:

OR, you can go to the footer of your nopCommerce website and find this link:


To add a new topic page to your sitemap, go to: Administration > Content Management > Topics


From the list of topic pages, select the page that you would like to add to sitemap. In this example, we will be adding “Conditions of use” page to sitemap (click “edit”).


On the topic details page, scroll down and ENABLE (or CHECK) the option to add the page to sitemap like this:


SAVE changes and let’s view the changes on the sitemap.


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