How to Add a Site News Section in Elgg 1.8

Site News are a great place to share with your users any update within your elgg network. For a long time there was not a proper news tool. The previous one required to install another plugin which caused a lot of conflicts. For that reason I decided to write a better news plugin. In this article I will give you a step by step guide on how to add a site news section in elgg 1.8

1.  First, download the News plugin that I developed for elgg 1.8 here

2. Unzip the plugin in the mod folder of your elgg installation. If you don’t know how to do that, please read this article.

3. Once you unzip the plugin, sign in to your Elgg network as Administrator, and click on the Administration link located in the top bar menu to go to the Admin Dashboard:

Admin Link on topbar

4. On the Admin Dashboard sidebar menu,  go to menu “Configure > Plugins”

Sidebar Menu Admin Dashboard

6. Search for the plugin News for elgg 1.8 and activate it:


7.  You can choose between normal list layouts or a 2 column grid layout and the maximum number of news that you want to display per page. To do that, go to menu “Configure > Settings > News for elgg 1.8

Once you’re done click on save in order to save the change:


8. And that’s it, now you have a news section, and it will look like this:

news plugin elgg 1.8
Note: Only the Administrator can create a news post.

This concludes How to add a site news section in elgg 1.8

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Happy Hosting!

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