Add a New Poll to Your ocPortal Website

add pollAdding a poll to a community based site is probably one of the most common tasks you will need to complete. Polls can be a fun addition or used as a more important vote for an award or something similar. Either way ocPortal makes the process easy and straight forward to undertake.

  • Log in to your adminzone
  • Navigate to the polls section which is under the content section of the adminzone menu
  • Fill in your question and the answer options. You need to add at least 2 options and up to a maximum of 10 options.
  • Choose whether the poll should be in use immediately or added to the queue

add poll formThe last bullet point is a choice as to whether you want the poll to replace the current primary active poll or whether you want to add it to the queue to be used later. This way as you decide on polls you want to add you can create them to be used when they are required.

The bottom section of the form allows you to decide whether your site users can leave comments or not on the poll so you can gain feedback or you can set it to allow reviews which will allow users to give the poll a rating.

The notes section of the form allows you to leave notes for either yourself or for other users who may be administrating the polls.

  • Click add poll

Adding the poll to a new page

Once you have created your poll you will need to add it to the page where you want it to appear. Just like adding any information block in ocPortal this is a simple process. If you already have an active poll on the page you can click the edit poll link at the bottom of the box where the poll is situated as long as you are logged in. From there you can choose a new active poll to appear in that box. If you want to add a new poll to a page you will need to follow this step by step below.

  • Navigate to the page where you want to add the poll
  • Click edit this page at the bottom of the page
  • Click where on the page you want the poll to appear
  • Click the add comcode icon button (Pictured)
  • Scroll down until you find “Poll display (main_poll)
  • Under the “Param” Option you can select the poll you have just created.
  • Click preview to make sure the poll looks ok and click Use if it does.

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