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download fileocPortal offers a fully equipped and well-rounded system for uploading your files and sharing them to your website visitors. Being able to add files to your pages for users to download other than adding the file by FTP and linking the file allows you more freedom and makes the process easier.

The system comes with all of the features you would expect which include:

  • A tree structure for creating sub-sections
  • The ability to limit downloads of files by using ocPortal’s point system to “sell” the downloads
  • Protection to stop users leeching your files
  • Allows for comments and rating for files
  • Ability to upload files and also get a file from a URL
  • Assign authors to downloads so you can find other files by the same author
  • Assign Licenses to files which users must agree to before being able to download the file
  • Attach a representative image for the file
  • Basic support for file versioning

Adding a file in ocPortal for download is a simple process and the following step by step process will guide you through the process.

How to add files for download

  • Log in to your adminzone
  • Navigate to the content section
  • Choose the downloads option
  • If you have already created a category you can choose add a new download
  • Give your download a name which makes it easy to understand what the file is
  • Choose the category the file will be uploaded to
  • In the next section cluck upload and select the file you want to upload
  • Add any notes or information which is necessary in the description field
  • You can upload an image to represent the file if you like below the description field
  • If required fill in the additional information
  • Add any notes for staff and choose whether you want to allow users to rate the file in the Feedback and notes section
  • Fill in the Search engine optimisation information
  • If you are using the awards system you can choose whether to give the download an award
  • Click add a new download

How to link files to your pages

You can choose to either link in the normal way with a text link to your file or file page. The file page link will look something like


You can find this by navigating through the downloads section of your adminzone. There are also a few different options for displaying your downloads on your website which can be found in the comcode block wizard. The comcode block options include:

  • A listing of the most popular downloads from the ratings given to them from your website visitors
  • Embed a specific category onto your page
  • List the most recently added downloads
  • List all of the available downloads listed in order of the most time downloads order

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