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bookingsThe versatility of the ocPortal system and its core features mean it can and will be used in a wide range of cases. Its unrivalled set of core features aimed at communities makes it the perfect system to underpin a community based site around a venue for example. To help build on top of the core features there is also a Bookings addon which allows you to add booking functionality to your website.

The addon is suitable for some cases, but not all, as there is still some functionality to be added. As with all open source software, addons and features develop over time as users need specific elements which are then added to the software for everyone to use. If the booking addon doesn’t do a specific task you require, it’s an opportunity to help contribute to the project for the good of everyone.

Installing the booking addon

  • Log in to your adminzone and navigate to the addons page in the structure section
  • Scroll down the page and choose import non-bundled addons
  • Select download and expand development  list of addons
  • Choose Bookings
  • Scroll down and click Import non-bundled addon(s)
  • Check over the list of files and click proceed if you are happy they won’t break any custom changes you have made

Configuring the Bookings addon in ocPortal

Navigate to the Content section and Choose Bookings from the menu where you have 4 pairs of options and a link to the Calendar. These four pairs of options are:

  • Add or edit a bookable date region. This is where you will set and edit which dates can be booked as well as what can be booked and how much it costs.
  • Add or edit a bookable supplement – This is where you can add specific supplements for a booking type. This might be a peak time of the day for example, if you have 1 hour slots and want to add the standard price for each slot as £10 per slot but the slots 5pm-6pm and 6pm-7pm should be £15 you can set a £5 for those 2 categories without needing to add spate bookable regions.
    • You can also use this for discounts if you set the supplement as a minus for example if you offer OAP tickets or have a low traffic time of the day which should be cheaper.
    • Add or edit bookable blackout region – add a set of dates you want to block from being booked. For example if your date region runs the whole of summer but you have 2 days where you are closed you can just add a blackout date region for the 2 days.
    • Add or edit a booking – Here you can manually add or edit a booking to your system.

Displaying the booking addon on your page


To make use of the booking addon you will need to link your site visitors to it. The URL of the booking addon will be

  • Yourwebsiteurl/?page=booking or yourwebsiteurl/pg/booking

If you want to set a link to this via a banner or other link you can use this code in the link box in the WYSIWYG editor – “site:booking”

Your site visitors should now be able to use the booking addon.

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