How to Activate and Use the FrontPage Extension

    Unfortunately FrontPage is no longer support by Microsoft and our newer servers are unable to get the proper package for it. Expression Web was the replacement for Frontpage.

Applied on: Both cPanel (Linux) and WebsitePanel (Windows) hosting account

FrontPage extensions refer to the specific method that Microsoft FrontPage uses to update content on a webserver. Server extensions make it possible to use FrontPage to publish and edit your web site on the server.

The FrontPage extensions need to be installed on a per-website basis. This installation can be done from the control panel. These extensions support features such as online editing, hit counters, data collection, e-mail processing, and database processing. Please refer to the following two images that indicate the FrontPage extension tool in cPanel and WebsitePanel.



After clicking on the link in control panel,  you may install or uninstall the extension. The installation will be applied with your provided ID and Password. This ID and password will be used when you connect to your website with FrontPage software.

Once the extension is installed on your website, you may edit the content with FrontPage. To open the website for editing in FrontPage, select the Open Web option from the File menu of FrontPage. It will ask you the website address, user ID and password, and once authenticated, will open your entire website in its panel.

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2 Comments on How to Activate and Use the FrontPage Extension

  1. Eric says:

    How can I install these? When I go to that tab I don’t see anything to install. I’m having trouble deploying a .net application due to an error saying the server does not have FrontPage extensions installed, so any help would be appreciated.


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