How to Set Maintenance Mode in BoonEx Dolphin Site

Hello everyone!

Today I will show you how to set your BoonEx Dolphin website in maintenance mode.
You’ll see, with this great module, this task will be a breeze!

First, you’re probably wondering, what is the point to my site in maintenance mode …
Well, it used too many things.
For example, if you make changes in your Dolphin code, this can be very useful to avoid errors show your visitors, but do not worry, the errors will still be visible for administrators 😉
This is also very useful for the updates of Dolphin kernel or modules, etc …
It is also useful to maintain your site, if you clean your server log, etc..

Now, go into action!

1) Get the latest version of the Maintenance Dolphin module.

2) Installing the module.

Install Maintenance module for BoonEx Dolphin

Installing the Maintenance module in the BoonEx Dolphin installer

3) Edit the file as shown in the instruction

Installing Maintenance Module

Installing Maintenance Module for BoonEx Dolphin Software

4) Here is the admin panel of the module.
You can activate the custom mode, or opt for a classic text that supports multi-language (with 9 languages ​​already available!).
You can also estimate the time in seconds for maintenance (for the “Retry-After” header).

Admin Panel - Dolphin Maintenance Module

Admin Panel – Dolphin Maintenance Module

Here is an example of a personalized message.

Custom message

Custom Message

Here is an example of a classic message.

Classic message

Classic Message

Have fun with this Dolphin Maintenance module 😉

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  1. John says:

    It doesnt work in 7.1

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