How Important is Server Location to Your Business?

Hosting your web-page on a server located in another geographical location is beneficial for some and problematic for others, depending on their needs. Overseas hosting is often Server Location Importance inexpensive, and allows web-page owners to target a specific servervisitor base more completely. However, it’s important to measure the quality of the technical support and customer service you’ll receive before signing up for hosting. In many cases, inexpensive hosting overseas can often lead to unneeded hassles if a website owner doesn’t consider important factors beforehand.

Choosing Server Location with Arvixe
Keep in mind that here at Arvixe we allow our customers to choose the location (country) of their server. Three options are currently available to choose from, the United States, Europe, and Hong Kong. This option is available across all of our offerings PersonalClass, BusinessClass, VPSClass on both Linux and Windows and can be selected during checkout.

Loading Times

If you’re looking to switch hosting providers, it’s important to keep the location of the majority of your visitors in mind. For example, if most of the hits to your website are made by visitors in the United States, choosing a server outside of the country will likely cause slow loading times. Loading time is essential to the success of a web-page, especially if the owner is relying on said success to promote their online store or business. Servers that are located a significant distance away from your target visitor base will likely make loading and viewing your site a challenge for them.

Solidifying a Customer Base

Server location can also boost SEO, or search engine optimization. Even if a business has little to no connection to the country their server is located in, Internet users in that country will be able to view their site on search engine result pages. For example, if many of your customers and viewers are located in a certain country, and you obtain hosting from said country, users in that geographical location will be able to find your site more easily through key wording and other beneficial SEO factors.

The Support You Need

Hosting a website via a data-center that’s located outside of the country is typically highly affordable; however, it can be especially bothersome when technical support is needed. If you’re an American online business owner who plans on hosting your site in a non-English speaking country, it can be challenging to get the support you need should a problem arise.

By choosing to host your website with Arvixe you’ll receive migration assistance, domain transfer, 99.9% uptime services, and many more features and benefits such as convenient 24/7 live chat and phone support, available all day, every day. Some of the features and benefits of choosing Arvixe include:

  • $100 AdWords Voucher (U.S. and Canada only) to advertise your website on Google
  • $75 Bing/Yahoo! Voucher (U.S. only) to advertise your website on Bing & Yahoo!
  • Free and automatic software installations – we do the work fro you!
  • Low and affordable pricing around the web
  • Absolutely risk free for 60 days or your money back

As stated above, choosing the server location for your website has many benefits for you and your site visitors. If you’re still on the edge of joining the Arvixe family you can check out some of our live and up-to-date survey results from real customers. See for yourself why thousands of customers choose Arvixe to host their websites around the world!

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