How to Manage Statistics using cPanel

If you run a website then you should know about your visitors including IP address, browser details and etc. You can use these details to track down those visitors who are causing troubles.

CPanel control panel includes several tools such as Webalizer, AWstats to detect the presence of visitors. AWstats is one of the most popular tool which displays day, week, month and yearly statistics in a detailed manner.

(1) Login to CPanel and scroll down until you locate Logs section


(2) Select Awstats

(3) You will view a list of all your domains hosted under your hosting account on the server. You need to select a domain name for which you would like to view Statistics.

(4) Inside the AWstats page, you will view a detailed summary of parameters such as unique visitors, number of visits, pages, hits and bandwidth in colored format.


Awstats displays the statistics related to following parameters

  • Monthly history
  • Days of month (Daily report)
  • Days of week (Weekly report)
  • Hours (Hourly report)
  • Countries (Top 25)
  • Hosts (Top 25) – IP Addresses
  • Robots/Spiders visitors (Top 25)
  • Visits duration
  • File type
  • Downloads (Top 10)
  • Pages-URL (Top 25)
  • Operating Systems (Top 10)
  • Browsers (Top 10)
  • Search Keyphrases (Top 10)
  • Search Keywords (Top 25)
  • Miscellaneous (favicon.ico hits, Java/Flash/PDF support) HTTP Status codes (500 Internal server Error, 403 Forbidden, 404 Document Not Found)

You can also access the above sections directly by selecting the appropriate option from the left side navigation panel.


As you can see, it is very easy to monitor the performance of your website using AWstats. If your site is not getting good number of visitors as per the generated report, then you can take steps to promote the site through various avenues such as Google, Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, PInterest and Reddit.

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