How to Install WordPress Using WebsitePanel

WordPress is a popular blogging platform. You can easily install it from within WebsitePanel without manual uploading of files. You can either make use of an existing database or can create a database at the time of installation. Here is how to install WordPress from your WebsitePanel:

(1) Login to WebsitePanel

(2) Select Web App Gallery icon


(3) Select PHP, navigate to Page 2 and select WordPress. You will view a user interface as shown below


(4) Click WordPress and select Next button to continue


(5) In the Web Application Parameters page, provide the required information and click Install button to begin the installation process.


If the installer displays an exception message then you should either contact Arvixe support or manually install WordPress. I will examine how to manually install WordPress without using any FTP software in the next article.

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2 Comments on How to Install WordPress Using WebsitePanel

  1. Raj Singh says:

    Hi i have develop my company site in aspx and i want to install wordpress in root folder, all aspx files and wordpress files are at the root folder and the site now not working is any issue
    Do i have to create folder in root folder for wordpress so it get install in it

    please do help and give me few tips how this can be done

    thank you regards

    • I understood that you have installed WordPress on the root. However, you are using ASP.NET for your site. The files of ASP.NET are on the root.

      The problem here is you have two index files on the root.

      I would suggest you to leave ASP.NET as such and install WordPress inside a sub directory.


      You can create a sub domain which points to your blog like

      You can easily install WordPress from within cpanel. Just specify thefolder name during installation.

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